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The DIVA project is a European Social Fund project led by the Consortium of Educational Municipalities (LHKK) located in Forssa, Finland. Häme University of Applied Sciences acts as a project partner as an expert in innovation and knowledge-based decision-making. The project's main aim is to increase the resilience of the micro-enterprises and SMEs of the food industry located in Tavastia Proper by adding know-how in circular economy and utilization of side streams, innovation, and data analytics. 

Project acronym:  DIVA - Data and Innovation to Support Green Transition in the Food industry

Description: The aim of the project is to help the micro-enterprises and SMEs in the food industry to develop new uses and create synergies between companies, based on information gathered from by-products/side streams. The skills of micro- and SMEs in knowledge management and data use, as well as the use of digital tools, will increase. The vision of responsibility in micro and SMEs are expanding and companies are getting tools for development work. Sustainability in the use of natural resources and the reduction of risks caused by climate change are reflected in the project's objectives and activities.

Project partners: Consortium of Educational Municipalities (LHKK) and Häme University of Applied Sciences

Target group: Micro-, small- and middle-sized enterprises in the food industry in the region of Tavastia Proper, Finland 

Timespan: 1.9.2021-31.8.2023

Funding program: European Social Fund 2014-2020

Budget: 254 590 €

Activities: The project will be implemented by organizing hackathon events and workshops with the themes of sidestreams and ecosystem mapping. Seminars and online coaching are organized to use information management and data. Companies also set up a development project to promote the efficient use of company resources from a circular economy perspective and to develop methods with lower environmental impact.

Contact: Kristiina Paju, project manager 

Separating Waste

Sidestreams and Circular Economy

Businesses are encouraged to identify the sidestreams or by-products of their business and innovate new means of utilizing them further. 

Data analytics and knowledge-based decision-making in SMEs

Businesses will get knowledge and practical know-how on how to incorporate digital tools, data analytics, and knowledge-based decision-making into their daily business life for additional responsibility and sustainability! 

Business Meeting
Sustainable Energy

Responsibility and Green Transition in SMEs

Businesses will get the opportunity to develop their own business towards greener business operations and marketing/communications.

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